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You Deserve to Feel Better

Therapy Specialties

Women's issues

Parenting support 


 LBGTQIA+ issues

Social Justice issues


Meet Julia

I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist with over 23 years of therapeutic experience and education in the mental health field.


I specialize in providing therapy for women struggling with depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, relationship stress, family issues, parenting stress, workplace stress, and issues with generally overwhelmed and burned-out.


I can help you with your unwanted thoughts, feelings and behavior patterns in adult life, which stem from chronic stressors, abuse, neglect and/or trauma experienced in childhood and early adulthood.


The challenges women face today are unlike any other time in history. Unhealed previous trauma can complicate these challenges even more. Please know you are not alone. If you are feeling broken down, powerless, sad, angry, frustrated, hopeless, or just overwhelmed in general, please reach out.


You deserve to feel valued, heard, understood and supported.

How Can Therapy Help?

Therapy can give you a safe emotional space to help you sort out the painful thoughts and feelings going on inside of you. Therapy can help you identify negative patterns of behavior, and help you build effective coping skills and the inner strength that will help get you through the hardest of times. It is also a place to celebrate yourself as you progress in your self- improvements and healing journey! 

How will you reach your therapy goals?


By using cognitive-behavioral, trauma-informed, psychodynamic, and strength-based approaches in therapy together, we will first identify, and then explore how your thoughts and feelings affect you internally, and then discover how these thoughts and feelings are expressed in your behaviors and interactions with others.


When you are ready, at a pace that is comfortable for you, we will begin healing the trauma and pain from the past that holds you back from living the life you deserve. You will learn to identify your emotional triggers and where they first developed earlier in your life. You will learn about the body's threat response system and how it impacts your reactions with others. You will explore how and where your body often stores unhealed pain, and learn how to use self-soothing/emotional regulation skills, and effective coping skills to start helping you feel relief and empowerment.


In therapy, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others, and improve your level of satisfaction and functioning in daily life. 





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