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What Clients are Saying

What my clients say is extremely important to me, which is why I value their feedback. I’m invested in making sure my clients are happy with all of the therapeutic and psychological services I offer. Take a look at what they’ve said about their experiences and schedule your appointment today.

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Client Experiences

"In the short time I have been working with Julia I have been amazed at the progress made with my anxiety. She is an amazing counselor and I actually look forward to our sessions each week. She has incredible insight and picks out things I am saying/feeling bringing it to my attention and opening my thoughts. I am truly appreciative of how kind, supportive, and understanding she is. She also pushes me to explore my own wants and needs. To put myself first and to trust my gut and feelings. I would recommend her wholeheartedly."


"Julia is always so kind and understanding. She gives me great insight without attacking. I really enjoy talking to her."


"I thought Telehealth would be awkward and weird but it went smoothly and Julia made me very comfortable! Excited to start seeing her more frequently."


"Julia was very down to earth and comforting for my wife and me. She also was able to identify our main area to focus on. She was great to work with on our first session and we look forward to future sessions."


"I really like Julia, she seems like a really good fit for me. I was super nervous going in because my last counselor (somewhere else) was not as helpful to me, but Julia was very warm and welcoming and I found it very easy to talk and open up to her. She seems to have a very good understanding of what I am feeling and a solid grip on how she wants to approach it. It was very easy to build a nice flowing rapport with her."


"Julia has always been so kind and understanding with my individual counseling and along with my marriage counseling. We absolutely adore her!"

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